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Taking action

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Every workplace is different, with its own culture, structures and change processes. Workplace Equality and Respect acknowledges this, providing tools that are flexible and adaptive so that you can choose actions that are appropriate for your workplace.

Workplace Equality and Respect tools and resources guide you through an organisational change process to promote and embed gender equality and prevent sexual harassment and gender-based violence (including family and domestic violence).

Step 1: Readiness assessment

Assess if your workplace is ready to engage with the Workplace Equality and Respect Standards.

Tools and resources for this step

Step 2: Project planning

A project plan sets you up for success, outlining the actions you need to take and when they need to be completed.

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Step 3: Benchmarking and diagnostics

To identify strengths and gaps and make the case for resourcing efforts to promote gender equality, reflect on the status of gender equality in your organisation, establish a baseline to track your progress, and engage in critical discussion of barriers in your workplace.

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Step 4: Action planning and review

Plan for change that builds over time. Prioritise and plan your actions (short-, medium- and long-term) by developing a strategy or action plan, based on the needs and circumstances of your workplace. Build in annual reviews and reflections.

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More information

By following this step-by-step process, you can be sure your workplace understands and prioritises action that will make real and lasting change.

For detailed information about each step, download the How-to guide below.

Tailored solutions

Talk to the Our Watch Workplaces and Institute team about how we can help you prevent violence against women in your workplace today.

We can support you to create a tailored plan for your business and its unique needs.

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