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Step 3: Implement your action plan

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This is the third step of the Workplace Equality and Respect process.

The final stage of the process is to implement your priority actions and develop a process of annual review and reflection.

Once you have consulted staff, collected data and developed a robust action plan, the next step is to implement the best practice actions in your plan.

As you do this you may need to consider the partnerships you need, the staff and stakeholders that need to be engaged and the way you communicate about your work internally and externally.

Use best practice tools and resources

You can use the key Workplace Equality and Respect tools to reflect annually on your workplace culture, policies practices and structures to see where your strengths are and where improvement needs to happen over the coming year.

The tools and resources page contains examples of good practice work from other workplaces across the five Standards. It also provide guidance on a range of areas including engaging leadership, communicating about equality and respect, responding to staff who experience violence, workplace policies and understanding your legal rights and requirements.

Review your work annually

Achieving Workplace Equality and Respect is about engaging in a long-term process of cultural and structural change. This means you need to see your action plan as part of a longer term strategy and you need to check in on your progress each year to evaluate what impact your efforts are having and adjust your action plan accordingly.

When reviewing your list of actions each year, it is also important to check that you have not only focussed on the Support Standard. While this is an important standard to meet for the short and medium term safety and well-being of your employees, a focus on responding to violence will not achieve the long term cultural and structural change we need to prevent violence from occurring in the first instance.

Your annual review of achievement and challenges will assist you to keep the focus on achieving equality and respect.