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Standard 3: All staff feel safe and confident to express themselves. Gender stereotypes, roles and norms are actively challenged in the workplace. Staff can raise concerns about gender inequality and potential discrimination without adverse consequences.

What does a safe and respectful culture look like?

  • You take a stand against sexist language and images in the workplace and create a culture where staff feel they can do the same without being ignored or penalised.
  • You provide training on how staff members can take bystander action against sexism.
  • You give leaders information, training and space to think critically about how workplace culture might be perpetuating the status quo: are stereotypes and discrimination part of your workplace? How do the leadership styles you value and promote favour men or women? Do you exclude, undervalue or fail to credit women’s leadership and opinions in our communications and decision making?
  • Whatever action you take, you use communications to challenge stereotypes and help staff see the link between gender equality, sexual harassment and violence against women.

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